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Posted by on Monday, March 14th, 2011

My Mr. Lucky finally got to make good on his Christmas gift this past weekend! In the twenty + years we’ve been together, he’s always wanted to go to the SEC tournament…. so when I was presented with the opportunity to get tickets this year – I JUMPED on it! I gave them to him for his Christmas gift. (And birthday. And anniversary.) We left early Thursday morning for Atlanta…. and got home late Sunday night.

Now, for any of you that have known me for five minutes, you probably have noticed I am so NOT a sports enthusiast. But… I went along to make my honey happy. And I actually enjoyed myself!

Our daughters stayed home with a friend, you know, since they had school on Thursday and Friday. Plus, let’s not forget – this was supposed to be a sort of weekend getaway for just us grown ups. Sadly, I messed my back up the week before we went so it was darn near all I could do to just be there. Between all the walking and all the sitting in stadium seats, especially after a long long drive, I must have taken a billion tylenols and/or ibuprofens. (and I do NOT recommend anyone take that many – it is so not good for ya!)

All in all – it was a good time with my husband. :) He’s a fun guy to hang out with, which definitely makes me the lucky one in our relationship!

(Of course, I crocheted this much of a baby blanket while I was there. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

P.S. NOT that I have any need whatsoever for a baby blanket… before anyone asks. Just grabbed some yarn as an afterthought on my way out the door. Turns out all I ended up with me were baby girl colors. So…. maybe I’ll sell it on Etsy. ;)

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3 Dorito Bits to “♥ Weekends away ♥”

  1. Vonnieon 15 Mar 2011 at 9:54 am 1

    Getting away together is good for the marriage and my guess is that those tickets scored YOU big points in his eyes! Hope you are feeling better Dory.

  2. Jenon 15 Mar 2011 at 3:21 pm 2

    I LOVE college sports! I am tickled to death that you guys got to go to the tournament! Looks like a super fun getaway to me!

    Go Cats! (I am a KSU Wildcat fan, but I will cheer for your UK Wildcats too!) Good luck in your bracket ~ it’s a loonnnggg shot for us, but maybe we’ll meet up in the Final Four!

  3. Chrison 15 Mar 2011 at 10:03 pm 3

    Sounds like a win-win-win! :)

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