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**Sometimes coming up with a title is far too much work.**

My poor little (and big) dogs had super long toenails because I seemed to have misplaced the toenail clippers and couldn’t remember to purchase new ones for the longest time. So one day last week, I was flipping channels on the tv and I as I passed “Animal Planet“, I caught a piece from one of the Animal Cops’ shows, where the officer was saying that these poor dogs were so neglected by their owners, which was clearly evident by the condition of their feet and over grown toenails.

I immediately looked at Sydney’s long toenails and felt really awful.

Well, color me embarrassed.

So I bought new clippers and wrapped Sydney up in a blanket like a burrito (because she tries to BITE me as I clip them) and got those babies all neatly trimmed. Even though I broke out in a sweat in the process! That stupid dog might be small but it’s like wrestling a BEAR to get the job done.

Which kinda explains why her stinkin’ toenails are “neglected” in the first place. The clippers being misplaced was merely a sign of self-preservation. Of my hands!!

So after all that was said and done – I had to tackle the big dogs’ toenails. Lillie, my weimaraner, is such a sweet girl – she just lays there and lets me do it without much trouble at all – just a few flinches here and there. But sadly, her toenails are so darn THICK, it’s hard for me to grasp the clippers tight enough to actually cut them off because of my wrist issues. After several attempts, I had to call Mr. Lucky in to help me out.

I said, “Just cut a LITTLE off the end. I’d rather you cut too little and have to make a second cut then to cut into the quick and make it bleed.”

And what did he do? He cut a GIANT piece and Lillie yelped and it started bleeding!

I was like,

“DUDE…. what the HECK?? What did I just SAY???”

He was all “Oops.”

Lillie was running around the kitchen, like “something sure feels FUNNYYYYY on my foot!!” And I was chasing after her, trying to get her to lay down so that I could hold pressure on it to make it stop bleeding. I’d finally get pressure in the right spot and she’d hop up and start lapping the kitchen again. Leaving little blood drops everywhere. Meanwhile, she was giving him the evil eye the entire time, clearly knowing it was his fault she was hurting!

It was total chaos.

It was about this time that I fired Mr. Lucky from toenail clippin’  by the way.

Mr. Lucky had to run over to his PT clinic to get a styptic pencil to apply on her toenail to cause the bleeding to stop. We finally got it on and the bleeding stopped. Thank goodness.

A few hours later, the girls and I had to leave for a bit. When we returned home, Lillie had licked that stuff off her toenail while we were away and she’d started bleeding again. He managed to stop the bleeding on his own. And then he wrapped her whole foot in some sticky gauze stuff he uses in his sports medicine kit.

You know what happens when a dog has a bandage on their foot? And before you say, she chewed it off – I’ll tell you… she didn’t. She still hasn’t, more than 24 hours later. But what she does do is lift her back leg really HIGH as she steps. She looks like a prancing pony.


Mr. Lucky offered to take it off last night. I said, “I’m sure it’s done bleeding but…. leave it on. It’s way too fun to watch her walk like that!”

I swear, I think she likes it. You should see her prance around the yard when she goes out.

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  1. Shannonon 21 Feb 2012 at 9:04 am 1

    I wish you’d taken a video and sent it to me- I am sure she looked hysterical!

  2. Stacyon 22 Feb 2012 at 7:56 am 2

    What..no pic of her being silly? I would love to see it also :)

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