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A year of changes….

on Jan 5th 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s the start of 2015. I heard somewhere recently that “the year 2030 is as near to us as the year 2000″. Wow, food for thought, huh? Remember all that crazy Y2K stuff that ran rampant at the end of 1999? I dreamed when I was a girl that I would […]

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What was he thinking?

on Mar 5th 2012

In a rare moment of stupidity…. my husband did this: He meant to burn the overgrown brush at the side of our house. Not what I would have recommended but he meant to do that part…. seriously. But for the fire to flare up quickly and melt the vent to the crawl space under the […]

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*blah blah blah*

on Feb 20th 2012

**Sometimes coming up with a title is far too much work.** My poor little (and big) dogs had super long toenails because I seemed to have misplaced the toenail clippers and couldn’t remember to purchase new ones for the longest time. So one day last week, I was flipping channels on the tv and I […]

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4,000 pairs

on Jan 10th 2012

In an unprecedented event, Mr. Lucky was off from work today, a random Tuesday, while I worked. This practically NEVER happens. I mean, seriously… maybe one other time that I can think of during our 17+ years of marriage. So last night, I was saying, “Oh good! You can move all that junk back into […]

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on Nov 16th 2011

I am a doodler from way back. If I have a pen in hand, I’m drawing with it. When I was a kid – and even later in college – all of my school notebooks had doodles in the margins. At staff meetings, I draw while the boss is talking. At church, I draw on […]

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Quick and easy

on Nov 6th 2011

I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately. Unfortunately, we keep our ironing board and iron upstairs in the master bedroom (because Mr. Lucky uses it DAILY) while my sewing machine is downstairs in the guest room. This means I am forever dragging the iron downstairs and laying a piece of cardboard with a folded sheet […]

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T-shirt project

on Oct 15th 2011

I found a tutorial via Pinterest on how to take a plain tshirt and turn it into a ruffled thing of beauty! I’ve been in such a slump lately that I figured a little hands-on project would do me some good, both emotionally and creatively. Now, I promise my instructions below will in NO WAY […]

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on Oct 2nd 2011

Have you noticed how owls are all the rage these days? I think they are super cute and have loved owls all my life.  They do have a special place in my heart since I was a young girl because my mom had a painting of four owls that she said reminded her of me […]

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A little whimsy

on Sep 6th 2011

Remember last year when my sister Lena and my friend Shannon helped me paint my kitchen cabinets? Every since then, I’ve been thinking of making some little curtains to just add a pop of color to the windows. After spending an extra few days at home sick this week, I was able to get caught […]

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Bacon lovers of the world – Unite!!

on Jul 4th 2011

I love bacon. I honestly don’t use it much anymore because …. well, let’s face it – it’s nothing but fat. But mercy, it’s some tasty fat!! 9 times out of 10, if a recipe calls for bacon, I use turkey bacon. (which is a sad substitute but I’m kind of used to it now!) […]

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