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Who stole the sun?

on Apr 26th 2011

We’ve had nothing but rain, rain, rain for days. My yard is squishy when you walk on it. I know my sweet friend Shannon is in hot and dry Texas, praying for rain….. and I’m praying she could have ours because I am SICK OF IT!!! As I was sitting on my front porch this […]

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I learned a lil ‘sumpin-sumpin’

on Apr 13th 2011

Last night was my first class about using Photoshop…. I have had Photoshop Elements for about 2 years on my laptop but I don’t use it very much. Mainly because I haven’t taken the time to actually learn how to use it. So I thought this would be a great way to learn! I’ve always […]

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Peekie-boo, here I am!

on Apr 4th 2011

It would appear that I’ve been neglecting something, huh? Lots has happened around here. And yet, nothing has happened. Nothing blog-worthy, I mean. I’ve been on a roll with illnesses… starting with hurting my back and then some awful allergies, tummy issues, yada, yada, and when it lingered on and on, turns out I had […]

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Depth of field

on Mar 24th 2011

I’ve been taking a photography class. This week our assignment was to keep certain variables the same, such as the shutter speed and the distance to object, as well as the lighting while changing the aperture setting to increase or decrease depth of field. Now, I say that as if it was easy. Ha. I […]

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Mama needs new socks

on Jan 7th 2011

How in the world do you end up with a hole at the ankle? I mean, really. So random huh? What’s even worse… I pulled my pant leg up to look because when I reached down to scratch an itch on my leg, I felt a funky lump. It was a dryer sheet. Inside my […]

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Thursday Thirteen, 22nd Edition

on Dec 16th 2010

Random, random, random 1. I love my first ever Scentsy crock. Love love love it. (and the “sugar cookie” fragrance is wonderful!) 2. I found this shirt at CafePress and I think I MUST have it! (Maybe Santa will bring it to me!) 3. I saw this cutie-patootie again the other day. He is still […]

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I ♥ snowmen

on Dec 14th 2010

I think the majority of my Christmas decorations happen to be snowmen. Fat ones, skinny ones, ones that light up and ones that just sit there and make me smile. Every year I tend to buy at least one or two. I have one tall pencil tree that I put in the foyer and I […]

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Snow, snow, snow

on Dec 13th 2010

We’re getting some snow! I really do think it’s beautiful. (Especially when it’s outside and I’m inside, looking out. If only I had a fireplace to be sitting by, life would be grand.) But, in all honesty…. I would rather we just go from cool fall days straight into spring and skip this whole “winter” […]

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I can’t decide….

on Nov 21st 2010

I’ve been working on lots of things around here that I would like to sell in an Etsy shop. Things like these earrings: And these coasters: And these scarflettes: But, I am at a creative mental block and I really would like some suggestions. Here’s the problem: I can’t exactly list these things to sell […]

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Charlotte’s been visiting

on Aug 26th 2010

Can you say YIKES!!!! I opened the front door the other night and found this girl had been busy building a web from the bottom of the wreath all the way across the width of the glass screen door and anchored to the bottom frame of the door. After my initial frightened bug dance, I […]

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