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Friday Five, 15th Edition

on Apr 8th 2011

Time just keeps on marching by. I find it hard to believe its almost the middle of April already. Didn’t we just muddle through the holidays, like last month? This has been some of the hardest few months for me…. it all started with the gloomy skies of winter that seriously dampen my spirits and […]

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Spring is in the air!

on Mar 17th 2011

And I am certainly not the only one around here that is super excited about it! Look at that SMILE!

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Funky Friday

on Jan 28th 2011

Five totally random photographs I took in Guatemala: Green hands on a wall Random face painted on a pole Shoes hanging high on a wire Egg eyes Headless saint (lost his head in an earthquake, I think)

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Friday Five

on Aug 6th 2010

I’ve been in Orlando this week for a dental hygiene convention. I’ve not had much free time at all, which is pretty much par for the course while at these things. Five GREEN things I’ve seen this week: A bench in the hotel A kid in a green hat A green Lego dragon outside of […]

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Friday Five, 14th Edition

on Jun 25th 2010

5 Random Moments from my week: 1. Beebo announced she was going to do some sit ups. Luby said to Beebo: “Well get cooking, good looking!!” hahahahahehehehehohohoho 2. Stopped by an antique shop on a whim and ended up with this wooden box: Once I paint it, it’ll look good in the kitchen. I’m going […]

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Friday Five, 13th Edition

on May 7th 2010

We arrived in Denver safe and sound yesterday afternoon. My girls loved flying although there might have been moments of nervousness and slight fear. When it was all said and done, I think they enjoyed it! I gave Beebo and Luby my camera to take pics throughout the flight (because I don’t look out the […]

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Friday Five

on Apr 23rd 2010

Five Random Moments from my Week: 1. A sweet little patient threw up right in my hands. Heaven help me, it about sent me over the edge!! Thank goodness one of my coworkers ran to my rescue! 2. I’ve spent a million hours on Etsy this week. Why? Don’t know… just looking at all the […]

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Five on Friday

on Mar 26th 2010

Guess what?! I’m in Texas to visit my sweet friend, Shannon, for her birthday. We’ve been planning this trip for a while but…..she didn’t realize that I was in cahoots with a few of her Texas friends to arrive a day earlier than she expected and be a part of throwing her a surprise 40th […]

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Friday Five, 10th Edition

on Mar 19th 2010

Five Moments of My Week: 1. I saw an 18 year old male patient, who had never received dental care before. He said his parents couldn’t afford to bring him in so he just got used to the pain. He had extensive decay, including 7 teeth with large abscesses and several totally rotted down to […]

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Five Fun Facts

on Feb 19th 2010

Random 5 Facts that qualify as useless trivia in my head: 1. Did you realize that months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th? Now, that makes perfect sense if you do the math but I never realized it until someone pointed it out to me. Duh. 2. Like fingerprints, […]

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