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Good Clean Fun

on Jul 23rd 2010

Do you know what happens when you combine: Plus this: I’ll show you what you get…. I lot of THIS: They are a HOOT!

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Mustache Mamas

on Jul 16th 2010

There are no words. I can’t even look at this silly pic without cracking up.

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Twisted Tuesday

on Jun 29th 2010

Every now and then, you just need to laugh. And thisĀ  photo makes me laugh! Such a silly girl! I love you Beebo… thanks for making me laugh.

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Three Monkeys on a Mountaintop

on May 12th 2010

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Friday Five, 13th Edition

on May 7th 2010

We arrived in Denver safe and sound yesterday afternoon. My girls loved flying although there might have been moments of nervousness and slight fear. When it was all said and done, I think they enjoyed it! I gave Beebo and Luby my camera to take pics throughout the flight (because I don’t look out the […]

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Wordless Wednesday

on Apr 28th 2010

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Luby Art

on Apr 20th 2010

My darling daughter Luby at the Cincinnati Museum of Art this past weekend. I chaperoned for Beebo’s NJAHS group (National Junior Art Honors Society) and Luby went with us. She had gotten her Herbst appliance placed the day before so…. I felt sorry for her and decided to take her too. I’m so glad I […]

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Talking Photo

on Apr 9th 2010

My silly but sweet friend Shannon sent me this to make me laugh. And…. boy howdy! Has it EVER!! (Click the arrow to play)

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Happy Birthday Lillie

on Apr 2nd 2010

I love this sweet dog…..

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Spoiled Rotten

on Mar 1st 2010

As I started upstairs the other day, I saw Sydney laying in her new polka-dotted bed. She looked so cute, I had to grab my camera. I went on with the morning ritual of getting ready for work and a few minutes later, I noticed this: Sydney’s expression cracks me up. Lillie starts chewing on […]

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