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Passion Contest Winner

on Sep 1st 2010

I’ve turned into such a slacker, huh? This stupid ole’ inner ear infection I’ve had has really knocked the wind outta my sails. Or at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It has nothing to do with procrastination. Ok, so I finally am getting around to announcing the winner of the black […]

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Last day!

on Aug 30th 2010

You’ve got until midnight to continue entering for the contest! I love hearing the things you’re passionate about! I’ll post the pic of the prize tomorrow (hopefully) and announce the winner the next day! Y’all have a memorable Monday!

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on Aug 23rd 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a contest, huh? So, I was thinking…. it IS time. When I was at the Dolphin Hotel at Disney World for a conference earlier this month, one thing stuck out in my mind. Every hotel staff member I encountered had their name on their nametag, and also, […]

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Name that Christmas Gift!

on Dec 30th 2009

Finally, here are the photos of some of our gifts. See how many you can match up with their owner: 1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Match up these wonderful gifts with the following bloggers: Stacy Jen Shannon Becca Lena and Dory Put on your thinking caps!

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Name that Christmas gift!

on Dec 25th 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve played a game but now that all the festivities are over….. let’s play Name that Christmas gift!! Here’s the assignment: Take a photo of one of your Christmas gifts and email it! Simple, huh? Now, the gift can be your favorite or your least favorite, the oddest, the best, […]

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Here it is: The WINNER!

on Dec 15th 2009

I am so sorry that it’s wayyyy later than I had planned. I had to run some errands at lunch and by the time I got home to eat and let the dogs out – I only had a few moments and I didn’t even think of the giveaway. Then I went straight from work […]

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And the winner is…..

on Dec 15th 2009

….going to be announced at lunchtime!  Ok, ok, I know you think I’m just being catty now but…. I worked on our Christmas letter that is going to go out with our Christmas cards last night. I collapsed in bed really late for me (anything past 8:30 is LATE in my book!) and just don’t […]

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Christmas Giveaway!!

on Dec 10th 2009

The last time Lena and I went shopping, I fell in love with the beautiful black and white pattern on this bag and kept thinking about it, over and over, all day. I sure didn’t need another bag though – I have plenty already. But…. I decided to get it anyway and give it to […]

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In true Dory fashion, I forgot something….

on Oct 3rd 2009

It’s a really good thing I have friends (and family) that remind me of things that I said I was going to do but I don’t do. It’s not that I am not doing them on purpose….. (well, usually, anyway) but I don’t do them because I honest-to-goodness FORGET. You might remember about a week […]

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Name that Favorite Site in your hometown!

on Sep 23rd 2009

For several weeks, we’ve been playing a little game here in blogland. It’s always a *Name that…. whatever* the assignment for that week might be, where YOU send in photos and I post them, along with a list of who sent them. The object is to match the photo up with the blogger that sent […]

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