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Guest Blogger #3: Shannon

on Jun 17th 2008

I speak often of my sweet friend Shannon, also known as Sweet Pea, whom I just love dearly. We’ve become fabulous friends over the past few years and at this point in time, I can’t remember what my life was like before her friendship … and… I don’t want to remember! Because I know it […]

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Guest Blogger #2: Jean

on Jun 16th 2008

I just love having Guest Bloggers! I hope you do as well…. The following is from my sweet friend Jean! ***** Well, it’s Father’s Day.. and I’ve been contemplating fatherhood. What is it that makes a great Father? I think mine has it hands down, whatever “it” is. I’m the original “daddy’s girl”! I’ve always […]

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Guest Blogger #1: Jen

on Jun 13th 2008

During May, I enjoyed posting everyone’s *Mom-stories* in honor of Mother’s Day. Of course, that sparked the idea to do the same for June and Father’s Day. It wasn’t long after I suggested *Dad-stories* that the first one arrived in my inbox. My friend, Kansas Jen, (I call her that to keep from getting her […]

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*Mom-stories* for May

on May 31st 2008

I can’t thank each of you that submitted a *Mom-story* enough! I’ve truly enjoyed this month tremendously… the little life lessons we’ve learned from each other has been wonderful! So, let me again thank you individually so in case someone missed it, they can get caught up now! Damselfly Lady Becca Jean Carol Shannon Jen […]

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Guest Blogger #13: Vonnie

on May 30th 2008

This *Mom-story* is submitted by Vonnie, a long-time blog reader and commenter – who does not have a blog of her own (yet!). Please feel free to leave her lots of *bloglove* in the comments section here for her to come read. I, for one, know how hard this was for her to write …. […]

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Guest Blogger #12: The Dad

on May 27th 2008

There are some people in this world that you meet and connect with immediately. The writer of this *Mom-story* is one of those people for me. I first started reading at The Dad’s blog in the summer of 2006 when I was a serious blog-lurker (not a commenter at ALL!) One day, a few weeks […]

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Guest Blogger #11: Stacy

on May 22nd 2008

The following *Mom-story* is from another dear friend, Stacy. I definitely recommend you grab a tissue…seriously. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her for writing such a wonderful and powerful tribute. Stacy is one of the very first people that said she would submit a story for this month – so I […]

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Guest Blogger #10: Michelle

on May 21st 2008

Last November, the first time I ever participated in National Blog Post Month, I met Michelle of Bleeding Espresso. I think we both had pictures of our dogs posted around the same time and so, we readily knew we had things in common. We’ve been trading comments ever since. She is a wonderful woman and […]

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Guest Blogger #9: Meg

on May 19th 2008

Happy Monday folks! This morning I realized that I had NOT forewarned our guest blogger that today is the day her post comes up in the queue ….. so … SURPRISE MEG!! You might notice I am well on my way to getting *Lucky Dorito* a little more to my liking…. I spent lots of […]

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Guest Blogger #8: Guinevere

on May 16th 2008

Another guest adorns my blog today with her *Mom-story*: My sweet friend Guinie. She is one of my favorite people and another online scrabble partner. We have lots in common, especially our similarities in the “forgetful” department. (Sorry, Guinie… let your secret outta the bag!) She is fun and witty and someone I am proud […]

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