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Oh how He loves me

on Apr 14th 2012

I don’t know how He does it. There’s a LOT of bad stuff going on in the world and yet God still has time to answer my stupid prayers…. and with such a sense of humor too. He is ever so patient with me – when I ask for the same things over and over […]

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What was he thinking?

on Mar 5th 2012

In a rare moment of stupidity…. my husband did this: He meant to burn the overgrown brush at the side of our house. Not what I would have recommended but he meant to do that part…. seriously. But for the fire to flare up quickly and melt the vent to the crawl space under the […]

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4,000 pairs

on Jan 10th 2012

In an unprecedented event, Mr. Lucky was off from work today, a random Tuesday, while I worked. This practically NEVER happens. I mean, seriously… maybe one other time that I can think of during our 17+ years of marriage. So last night, I was saying, “Oh good! You can move all that junk back into […]

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For my husband

on Jun 19th 2011

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♥ Weekends away ♥

on Mar 14th 2011

My Mr. Lucky finally got to make good on his Christmas gift this past weekend! In the twenty + years we’ve been together, he’s always wanted to go to the SEC tournament…. so when I was presented with the opportunity to get tickets this year – I JUMPED on it! I gave them to him […]

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Year in Review

on Jan 5th 2011

I was thinking and reviewing 2010 in my mind the other day, trying to remember all the things we did. Well, you know how pitiful my memory can be…. so I had to look back through all the pictures on my computer to remember it all! January 2010: *New Year’s Eve with Lena *My mom’s […]

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Just Dance

on Jan 3rd 2011

You should have seen it …. it was scary. Floor-shaking. Laugh til you drop funny. My oldest daughter gave us “Just Dance” for the wii so on New Year’s Day after Lena and her hubby went home, the four of us, Mr. Lucky, Beebo, Luby and myself got our funk on! Heavens to Betsy. So […]

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America’s favorite past time

on Sep 7th 2010

On a beautiful September day, when the temperature is a fabulous mid-70’s, and the skies are clear blue – what could be better than baseball? We had a great time and the evening ended with a fireworks show in honor of Labor Day.

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Singer Two :)

on Aug 12th 2010

Remember the other day when I blogged about combining an old Singer sewing machine legs with the table top from a child-sized table? Well, I had to do something with the matching Singer legs. Right? This is where Mr. Lucky comes in. He very graciously offered to build me a tabletop. Ok, so there might […]

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Little blast from the past

on Jun 22nd 2010

Junior – Senior Prom 1985 You can tell by the big hair that this is from the mid-80’s huh? I am not in this photograph because I graduated in 1984 but…. that cutie pie on the far right is none other than my darling husband, Mr. Lucky. Just in front of him, in the white […]

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