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Happy Father’s Day!!

on Jun 20th 2010

My husband is a wonderful man, warm and caring – and he is an incredible Dad to our girls. There have been times since my own Dad passed away that I’ve watched him interact with our daughters and ended up with tears pouring from my eyes. The relationship he has with our girls is as […]

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Heading home

on May 10th 2010

We came. We saw. We conquered. And now…. we head home (with over 1200 photos).

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Matters of the heart

on Feb 17th 2010

There are many things in life that I tend to take for granted…. I expect the light to come on when I flip the switch, the food inside the refrigerator to be cold, and the water to get hot in the shower (eventually). Those are relatively simple things – all dependent on electricity and my […]

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Happy Birthday to my Mr. Lucky

on Feb 6th 2010

My husband, (the incomparable Mr. Lucky Dorito) and I share February as our birthday months. Today, that sweet man of mine celebrates his 42nd birthday. I consider myself to be quite blessed in my marriage – the Lord sent the perfect match for me in my direction at a time when I was, luckily, old […]

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Sugar Overload

on Feb 4th 2010

This year was by far one of the best birthdays…. definitely one of the SWEETEST. My precious friend Shannon sent my this fun package: At first glance,  I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at…. the treasure was well hidden: But when I peeled back the *hay*, underneath were some serious YUMMMIES: Can you […]

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on Jan 11th 2010

Mr. Lucky and I have been married for over fifteen years and that entire time, we’ve lived at least 2 hours from our nearest family members. Over the years, my MIL and my sister Lena have visited at different times – others have come too, but not as often. (My mom came when both of […]

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Manly Magic

on Jan 5th 2010

While out Christmas shopping, Mr. Lucky and I found a wonderful soft and snugly-feeling blanket that reminded us both of my magic sleeping blankie. It was charcoal grey and bigger than mine. We ooh’ed and ahh’ed and then we both walked away from it. An aisle or two later, I decided to go back for […]

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Mr. Lucky

on Dec 9th 2009

I am bursting with pride. After a long three years of working on nights and weekends, after full days of clinical practice (and being a full time dad and husband)  – my husband has finally completed the program for his Doctorate of Physical Therapy through Regis University. I just don’t even have the words to […]

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on Dec 7th 2009

I posted this story once before but I thought about this incident this weekend so I thought I’d repost: Memory Lane Monday takes us back to 1992. My hubby and I were in the relatively early dating days. I suppose I should make sure you know that my hubby and I never actually lived in […]

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Thanksgiving Thursday 13

on Nov 26th 2009

Thirteen Things I am Thankful for this year (in no particular order): 1. My husband, the fabulous Mr. Lucky 2. My thoughtful and kind oldest daughter, Suki 3. My generous and soft-hearted second daughter, Beebo 4. My funny and carefree youngest daughter, Luby 5. The animals that live with us 6. My bestest friend in […]

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