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Some people stink

on Nov 2nd 2011

I don’t necessarily mean that literally……….although, sometimes some people do stink. Literally. More to the point are people that say one thing and yet clearly mean another. That stinks. Or people that tell half-truths to keep from hurting my feelings – when in reality, knowing the truth would hurt less in the long run. Maybe […]

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Three years later

on Sep 19th 2011

My dad left us three years ago, in the blink of an eye. No illness, no accident, no warning whatsoever – a massive heart attack that took him in an instant. I think of him almost daily now  – probably more often than I did when he was alive, if the truth be told. That […]

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A little whimsy

on Sep 6th 2011

Remember last year when my sister Lena and my friend Shannon helped me paint my kitchen cabinets? Every since then, I’ve been thinking of making some little curtains to just add a pop of color to the windows. After spending an extra few days at home sick this week, I was able to get caught […]

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More Joy

on Aug 31st 2011

This past Sunday, my sweet Luby was baptized. She had been saved a few months ago, actually during the week that Shannon and Madison were here visiting. With all the summer trips and general busyness of life, it wasn’t until this past weekend before we could get it scheduled. I am so proud of her […]

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on Aug 25th 2011

I keep coming here, looking for a new post and its the same old thing… nothing. Oh, guess that’s my fault, huh? A lot has happened in the past fifty-seven years since I last posted. *That person that liked to stir up s*#$ at my office is no longer there. (Praise the Lord, hallelujah!!) *The […]

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Thursday Thirteen: Chicago version

on Aug 4th 2011

So we went to Chicago for part family vacation and part dental hygiene conference. It was exhilarating and exhausting! I have much to share with you but seems like having the time is the issue these days. For now, a few photos. Thirteen, to be exact. 1. The Bean. 2. I just love these flags, […]

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Words left unsaid

on Jul 20th 2011

Do you remember the last time someone said something to you that cut to the quick? It’s maybe not even the words themselves – but what the words imply,  those vicious words left unsaid that are the most painful. I do. I remember. And now I wonder how I can ever move past them. IF […]

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You’ll never guess

on Jul 12th 2011

This past Sunday afternoon, I took two sleeping bags over to our one little local laundry mat to wash and dry. They are large L.L. Bean bags that require a front loading commercial washing machine which, sadly, I don’t have at  home. I might be interested in purchasing one now though. There was one lady […]

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Life’s little instructions

on Jun 27th 2011

I have been spending entirely TOO MUCH time scooting around on Pinterest, finding things that I want to make, want to learn, want to visit, etc, etc. Last night I found this sign there and just love what it says: Have a great Monday!

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For my husband

on Jun 19th 2011

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