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hello new, goodbye old

on Jan 1st 2012

All the Christmas decorations are put up for another year. The house is back to normal once again.  Today we ate a hearty meal of pork roast, cabbage and black eyed peas (blecht!). December always rushes in, on the heels of Thanksgiving, so full of anticipation and excitement as the promise of family time approaches […]

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Dogs and Heaven

on Nov 9th 2011

My sister C has shared the past 9 years of her life with this sweet little guy, Murphy. He came into her life shortly after a divorce, when she was sad and stressed. He showered her with that wonderful unconditional love that only dogs can offer so selflessly. If you are a dog-lover, you know […]

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Patience….. not patients

on Nov 3rd 2011

I was having a particularly bad day yesterday (if you didn’t notice by my post). I was definitely out of patience with so many things in my life. I went to bed very sad and discouraged. I slept poorly – which almost never happens to me. This morning, the first thing I saw when I […]

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♥ Texting

on Oct 30th 2011

My oldest daughter and I had a funny, yet enlightening conversation via text a few days ago. She and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on various issues, as some of you may recall from years past….. so you’ll know how much I appreciate these words from her. (Some of the conversation is overlapped […]

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Up, up and away

on Oct 21st 2011

So right at the moment, I’m in a plane (aisle seat) en route to Austin TX to visit with my friend Shannon for the weekend. I’m in the third row from the front – which means its a long trek thru the plane to the itsy bitsy stinky winky bathroom. This I know because I […]

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A little whimsy

on Sep 6th 2011

Remember last year when my sister Lena and my friend Shannon helped me paint my kitchen cabinets? Every since then, I’ve been thinking of making some little curtains to just add a pop of color to the windows. After spending an extra few days at home sick this week, I was able to get caught […]

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on Aug 25th 2011

I keep coming here, looking for a new post and its the same old thing… nothing. Oh, guess that’s my fault, huh? A lot has happened in the past fifty-seven years since I last posted. *That person that liked to stir up s*#$ at my office is no longer there. (Praise the Lord, hallelujah!!) *The […]

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You’ll never guess

on Jul 12th 2011

This past Sunday afternoon, I took two sleeping bags over to our one little local laundry mat to wash and dry. They are large L.L. Bean bags that require a front loading commercial washing machine which, sadly, I don’t have at  home. I might be interested in purchasing one now though. There was one lady […]

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Father’s Day

on Jun 19th 2011

I miss you, Daddy.

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Stream of consciousness blogging

on Jun 14th 2011

I remember about a gazillion years ago when I was still married to Twit, we’d been watching an old movie on VHS – I shouldn’t be able to tell you the name of the movie but the beauty of the internet and IMDb is that I was easily able to look it up…. It was […]

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