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on Dec 7th 2009

I posted this story once before but I thought about this incident this weekend so I thought I’d repost: Memory Lane Monday takes us back to 1992. My hubby and I were in the relatively early dating days. I suppose I should make sure you know that my hubby and I never actually lived in […]

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on Nov 30th 2009

Can you pinpoint a single moment in time where you made an awful mistake? I’ve made many mistakes in my life….  too many to name each. Some of them, though, still haunt me. I think I can honestly say that the mistakes I’ve made as a mother are the ones that I can’t forgive myself […]

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Halloween Memories

on Oct 26th 2009

Do you remember your favorite Halloween costume as a child? Or as in my case, any of your costumes as a child? I honestly don’t remember any of my costumes except one.  (Sad, huh?) One year my sisters and I all dressed up as old fat men. We wore mens’ shirts with ties and mens’ […]

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I think I hear a mouse talking

on Sep 28th 2009

I am sixteen months younger than my sister Lena. That means, during our growing up years … I drove her CrAzY!! I was the classic youngest child. Always getting into her stuff. Always trying to be her boss. She used to put me in my place by simply ignoring me. She’d say, “I think I […]

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Revolutionary Road

on Jun 8th 2009

Summary courtesy of IMDB: It’s 1955. Frank and April Wheeler, in the seventh year of their marriage, have fallen into a life that appears to most as being perfect. They live in the Connecticut suburbs with two young children. Frank commutes to New York City where he works in an office job while April stays […]

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A quick blast from the past

on May 25th 2009

Girls, this is for you:

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Full moon in the kitchen

on Mar 30th 2009

(Photo courtesy of Google) Have you ever done something so completely random that you shocked your kids…. and maybe even yourself a little? One day a few years ago, my daughters and I were in the kitchen, talking as we prepared dinner. We’d seen or heard something on the television that we were loosely chatting […]

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Once again….

on Mar 26th 2009

… I have to say “Thank you Lord for NOT giving me boys!” Last night as I watched (and heard from inside our hotel room) a bunch of 6th grade boys running up and down the halls, being ….. well …… boys, I was reminded of the time many years ago when I was working […]

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Monday Memories

on Mar 2nd 2009

I’ve often mentioned how much I love music…. and how certain songs will carry me back to a certain time and place in my memory. The thought of that leads me to ask: Have you ever smelled something that made you think of someone or something in particular? Polo Blue smelled on any man makes […]

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Static sucks

on Jan 26th 2009

Have you even noticed how children often seem unaffected by the state of appearance of their clothing? For the most part, they don’t mind wrinkled shirts or holey jeans. Or jeans that were piled in the floor after being worn can still be fair game to wear again. (Oh wait… am I describing the kids […]

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