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Jesus bracelet

on Feb 13th 2013

My little friend Jesus that I met 3 years ago in Panajachel, Guatemala is still around, selling his hand-embroidered postcards and assorted bracelets. I love seeing his sweet smile and hearing his stories of what he’s been doing. He works very hard each day to make enough money to go to school – and he […]

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Madrina, part 2

on Feb 26th 2012

Santos and his teacher So after huffing and puffing up the hill to the home Santos lives in with his family, as I wrote about last week (or the week before!) – we finally arrived. Whew, not a moment too soon, lemme tell ya. I didn’t think I’d make it much further. In the small […]

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on Feb 6th 2012

Sometime this past November, I was looking around on the Mayan Families website, as I have been doing regularly since my trip to Guatemala in January of 2011. They offer so many ways to help: sponsoring a student for school, offering one-time medical help money, or food money for a particular family. The opportunity to […]

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For what its worth

on Jan 30th 2012

My heart is near to exploding with a sincere humbleness – born of the opportunity to visit with such precious people as the Guatemalans. They are such a poor people – but oh so rich…. in warmth and generosity and kindness. It’s so hard to put into words…. Once again I return home feeling as […]

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I hope to see Jesus soon

on Jan 2nd 2012

Someday I do hope to see Jesus – my Lord and Savior. But not anytime soon, I hope. The Jesus I want to see soon is the young boy I met last year in Guatemala. You might remember the story I wrote about him here. I have thought of him and prayed for him so […]

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hello new, goodbye old

on Jan 1st 2012

All the Christmas decorations are put up for another year. The house is back to normal once again.  Today we ate a hearty meal of pork roast, cabbage and black eyed peas (blecht!). December always rushes in, on the heels of Thanksgiving, so full of anticipation and excitement as the promise of family time approaches […]

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T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your T-shirts here!

on Nov 4th 2011

I am making plans to go to Guatemala again in January 2012, just a mere 10 weeks from now. Once again, I’m taking orders for t-shirts that will help me raise funds for my trip. The shirts will be black with the writing in white except for the word LOVED – which will be in […]

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Up, up and away

on Oct 21st 2011

So right at the moment, I’m in a plane (aisle seat) en route to Austin TX to visit with my friend Shannon for the weekend. I’m in the third row from the front – which means its a long trek thru the plane to the itsy bitsy stinky winky bathroom. This I know because I […]

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on Sep 1st 2011

I have finally finished editing the photos from my niece’s wedding! Sheesh, what a job that has been. I guess if I knew what I was doing, it would have been much simpler huh? I have so many “favorites”…. Here’s one: Such a neat perspective! More later,

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Friday Funny

on Aug 5th 2011

I feel like I’ve barely been home from Chicago for five minutes and guess what? I’m leaving again!! My niece in West Virginia is getting married this weekend so Beebo, Luby and I are heading off this morning to meet up with my sister Lena and then on to West Virginia together. The mother-of-the-bride, my […]

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