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hello new, goodbye old

on Jan 1st 2012

All the Christmas decorations are put up for another year. The house is back to normal once again.  Today we ate a hearty meal of pork roast, cabbage and black eyed peas (blecht!). December always rushes in, on the heels of Thanksgiving, so full of anticipation and excitement as the promise of family time approaches […]

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Merry Christmas!

on Dec 24th 2011

I wish each of you a very blessed celebration of the birth of Christ! Merry merry Christmas friends!

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Do over

on Nov 30th 2011

I’ve been knitting, sewing, and reading a LOT lately…. and must confess that I have not read a single blog in weeks. (And you know I haven’t been writing on one either! ha) This time of year, I’ve got so much to do – I’m working on various projects for Christmas gifts and birthday presents. […]

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Quick and easy

on Nov 6th 2011

I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately. Unfortunately, we keep our ironing board and iron upstairs in the master bedroom (because Mr. Lucky uses it DAILY) while my sewing machine is downstairs in the guest room. This means I am forever dragging the iron downstairs and laying a piece of cardboard with a folded sheet […]

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T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your T-shirts here!

on Nov 4th 2011

I am making plans to go to Guatemala again in January 2012, just a mere 10 weeks from now. Once again, I’m taking orders for t-shirts that will help me raise funds for my trip. The shirts will be black with the writing in white except for the word LOVED – which will be in […]

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Patience….. not patients

on Nov 3rd 2011

I was having a particularly bad day yesterday (if you didn’t notice by my post). I was definitely out of patience with so many things in my life. I went to bed very sad and discouraged. I slept poorly – which almost never happens to me. This morning, the first thing I saw when I […]

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Some people stink

on Nov 2nd 2011

I don’t necessarily mean that literally……….although, sometimes some people do stink. Literally. More to the point are people that say one thing and yet clearly mean another. That stinks. Or people that tell half-truths to keep from hurting my feelings – when in reality, knowing the truth would hurt less in the long run. Maybe […]

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Simon’s Cat

on Nov 1st 2011

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♥ Texting

on Oct 30th 2011

My oldest daughter and I had a funny, yet enlightening conversation via text a few days ago. She and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on various issues, as some of you may recall from years past….. so you’ll know how much I appreciate these words from her. (Some of the conversation is overlapped […]

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Up, up and away

on Oct 21st 2011

So right at the moment, I’m in a plane (aisle seat) en route to Austin TX to visit with my friend Shannon for the weekend. I’m in the third row from the front – which means its a long trek thru the plane to the itsy bitsy stinky winky bathroom. This I know because I […]

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