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on Oct 18th 2011

You ever feel like you’re in a million places at once, busy busy, but at the end of the day – don’t feel like you’ve actually accomplished ANYTHING? That’s the story of my life these days. I feel busy but I don’t really have much to show for it. But….. my girls sure aren’t cute, […]

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T-shirt project

on Oct 15th 2011

I found a tutorial via Pinterest on how to take a plain tshirt and turn it into a ruffled thing of beauty! I’ve been in such a slump lately that I figured a little hands-on project would do me some good, both emotionally and creatively. Now, I promise my instructions below will in NO WAY […]

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on Oct 2nd 2011

Have you noticed how owls are all the rage these days? I think they are super cute and have loved owls all my life.  They do have a special place in my heart since I was a young girl because my mom had a painting of four owls that she said reminded her of me […]

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A little whimsy

on Sep 6th 2011

Remember last year when my sister Lena and my friend Shannon helped me paint my kitchen cabinets? Every since then, I’ve been thinking of making some little curtains to just add a pop of color to the windows. After spending an extra few days at home sick this week, I was able to get caught […]

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on Sep 1st 2011

I have finally finished editing the photos from my niece’s wedding! Sheesh, what a job that has been. I guess if I knew what I was doing, it would have been much simpler huh? I have so many “favorites”…. Here’s one: Such a neat perspective! More later,

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on Aug 25th 2011

I keep coming here, looking for a new post and its the same old thing… nothing. Oh, guess that’s my fault, huh? A lot has happened in the past fifty-seven years since I last posted. *That person that liked to stir up s*#$ at my office is no longer there. (Praise the Lord, hallelujah!!) *The […]

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The written word

on Aug 16th 2011

The mind composes the mouth clamps closed. Rethinking the situation. The mind composes again, the mouth absolutely refuses. Finally, a solution arises. The hand moves across the page, forming the words the mouth cannot utter. The written word is bold, full of grace and power. Bears all truths with ease. Let us write.

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Friday Funny

on Aug 5th 2011

I feel like I’ve barely been home from Chicago for five minutes and guess what? I’m leaving again!! My niece in West Virginia is getting married this weekend so Beebo, Luby and I are heading off this morning to meet up with my sister Lena and then on to West Virginia together. The mother-of-the-bride, my […]

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Thursday Thirteen: Chicago version

on Aug 4th 2011

So we went to Chicago for part family vacation and part dental hygiene conference. It was exhilarating and exhausting! I have much to share with you but seems like having the time is the issue these days. For now, a few photos. Thirteen, to be exact. 1. The Bean. 2. I just love these flags, […]

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Thursday Thirteen, 23rd Edition

on Jul 14th 2011

13 Random Photos from my computer that ALWAYS make me laugh: 1. I just love Luby’s handwritten note in this one: She’s been away at camp since Sunday and heavens me! do I ever miss that girl!! ~~~~~ 2. This photo of my bff Shannon is a HOOT!! Regardless of how many times I’ve tried […]

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