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What was he thinking?

on Mar 5th 2012

In a rare moment of stupidity…. my husband did this: He meant to burn the overgrown brush at the side of our house. Not what I would have recommended but he meant to do that part…. seriously. But for the fire to flare up quickly and melt the vent to the crawl space under the […]

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*blah blah blah*

on Feb 20th 2012

**Sometimes coming up with a title is far too much work.** My poor little (and big) dogs had super long toenails because I seemed to have misplaced the toenail clippers and couldn’t remember to purchase new ones for the longest time. So one day last week, I was flipping channels on the tv and I […]

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4,000 pairs

on Jan 10th 2012

In an unprecedented event, Mr. Lucky was off from work today, a random Tuesday, while I worked. This practically NEVER happens. I mean, seriously… maybe one other time that I can think of during our 17+ years of marriage. So last night, I was saying, “Oh good! You can move all that junk back into […]

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on Nov 16th 2011

I am a doodler from way back. If I have a pen in hand, I’m drawing with it. When I was a kid – and even later in college – all of my school notebooks had doodles in the margins. At staff meetings, I draw while the boss is talking. At church, I draw on […]

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Simon’s Cat

on Nov 1st 2011

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♥ Texting

on Oct 30th 2011

My oldest daughter and I had a funny, yet enlightening conversation via text a few days ago. She and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on various issues, as some of you may recall from years past….. so you’ll know how much I appreciate these words from her. (Some of the conversation is overlapped […]

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Friday Funny

on Aug 5th 2011

I feel like I’ve barely been home from Chicago for five minutes and guess what? I’m leaving again!! My niece in West Virginia is getting married this weekend so Beebo, Luby and I are heading off this morning to meet up with my sister Lena and then on to West Virginia together. The mother-of-the-bride, my […]

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Thursday Thirteen, 23rd Edition

on Jul 14th 2011

13 Random Photos from my computer that ALWAYS make me laugh: 1. I just love Luby’s handwritten note in this one: She’s been away at camp since Sunday and heavens me! do I ever miss that girl!! ~~~~~ 2. This photo of my bff Shannon is a HOOT!! Regardless of how many times I’ve tried […]

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on Jun 28th 2011

I saw Beebo using my husband’s phone to take a photo of something and I asked to see it when she finished. I cracked up when I saw all the pics she’d taken of herself one day while she was hanging out at his office: What a nutbob!! I love that silly goose.

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Photo Challenge: Day 28

on Jun 11th 2011

Day 28: A photo that incorporates motion I chose this set of photos because Madison’s hair cracked me UP! It fell straight over in slow motion and boinked Luby on the head while I was taking photos! Bwaahaaahaaaa!

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