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Love the ears

on Apr 18th 2011

I love the way Lillie’s ears and lips flop around when she runs…. it’s so funny looking. I must have a gazillion pics of her running towards me, just because they never fail to make me laugh. That’s probably a little weird but, what can I say?

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Jumping beans

on Apr 11th 2011

Guess you can tell we had some fabulous weather this weekend! I’m so happy to see the beautiful sunshine and the flowers in bloom. I sure hope that you guys are getting to enjoy it as well.

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Peekie-boo, here I am!

on Apr 4th 2011

It would appear that I’ve been neglecting something, huh? Lots has happened around here. And yet, nothing has happened. Nothing blog-worthy, I mean. I’ve been on a roll with illnesses… starting with hurting my back and then some awful allergies, tummy issues, yada, yada, and when it lingered on and on, turns out I had […]

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A modern day drive-in

on Mar 21st 2011

My husband went out of town on Saturday, driving my van. That left the girls and I sporting around town in his big ol’ truck… (which I actually enjoy driving because it makes me feel TALL!) It was a beautiful day so when all the errands were done, the girls played outside until it started […]

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Spring is in the air!

on Mar 17th 2011

And I am certainly not the only one around here that is super excited about it! Look at that SMILE!

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Insert your own title here

on Mar 8th 2011

I get so stinkin’ tired of thinking of a title sometimes. Sheesh. It actually deters me from writing a post some days. So Beebo told me a funny story tonight that made me laugh out loud. She cracks me up sometimes. She was at school today, walking with a friend in the gym. As they […]

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Someone will NOT like this….

on Mar 2nd 2011

I’ll give them an A+ for creative presentation.

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No paper

on Feb 7th 2011

One of the common signs I saw in Guatemala: (click on the photo to make it big enough to read) It cracked me up. I totally understood the situation and tried my best to comply but…. you know how hard it is to NOT drop the paper in the bowl when you’re finished?? Sheesh, more […]

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Funky Friday

on Jan 28th 2011

Five totally random photographs I took in Guatemala: Green hands on a wall Random face painted on a pole Shoes hanging high on a wire Egg eyes Headless saint (lost his head in an earthquake, I think)

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Toothbrush song

on Jan 13th 2011

I’ve been looking through You Tube videos to find a catchy little toothbrush song to use while in Guatemala next week. I stumbled across this video and it cracked me UP! It’s only a couple minutes long – watch it til the end. Too funny!

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