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Depth of field

on Mar 24th 2011

I’ve been taking a photography class. This week our assignment was to keep certain variables the same, such as the shutter speed and the distance to object, as well as the lighting while changing the aperture setting to increase or decrease depth of field. Now, I say that as if it was easy. Ha. I […]

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Spring is in the air!

on Mar 17th 2011

And I am certainly not the only one around here that is super excited about it! Look at that SMILE!

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Insert your own title here

on Mar 8th 2011

I get so stinkin’ tired of thinking of a title sometimes. Sheesh. It actually deters me from writing a post some days. So Beebo told me a funny story tonight that made me laugh out loud. She cracks me up sometimes. She was at school today, walking with a friend in the gym. As they […]

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Someone will NOT like this….

on Mar 2nd 2011

I’ll give them an A+ for creative presentation.

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No paper

on Feb 7th 2011

One of the common signs I saw in Guatemala: (click on the photo to make it big enough to read) It cracked me up. I totally understood the situation and tried my best to comply but…. you know how hard it is to NOT drop the paper in the bowl when you’re finished?? Sheesh, more […]

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Just Dance

on Jan 3rd 2011

You should have seen it …. it was scary. Floor-shaking. Laugh til you drop funny. My oldest daughter gave us “Just Dance” for the wii so on New Year’s Day after Lena and her hubby went home, the four of us, Mr. Lucky, Beebo, Luby and myself got our funk on! Heavens to Betsy. So […]

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Guilty Pleasure

on Nov 9th 2010

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. While I was away, we’ve passed through Halloween, I chaperoned a field trip out of town with about 100 kids, I’ve washed, dried, and folded about 300 loads of laundry, I’ve helped with homework, and I’ve cooked a dozen or more dinners. I’ve also […]

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Charlotte’s been visiting

on Aug 26th 2010

Can you say YIKES!!!! I opened the front door the other night and found this girl had been busy building a web from the bottom of the wreath all the way across the width of the glass screen door and anchored to the bottom frame of the door. After my initial frightened bug dance, I […]

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on Aug 24th 2010

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on Aug 17th 2010

I pass this window every time I go to one of my favorite little antique shops off the town square. I have no idea who wore these boots and why they’re hanging in the window. And where the 4th one went, to make two complete pairs. I always pause for a moment to think about […]

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