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Posted by on Thursday, March 27th, 2008

So yesterday, I told you about Suki. My kids already think I am a total WEIRD-O so I might as well keep going, right? And Chris, if you thought yesterday was fun – hang on to your hat! This one is chock-full of nicknames! So here’s a few more:

Beebo is not really my second child’s name, you know. She was given one of the most beautiful names I know, Hannah. I’ve called her HannahBeth, HannahBanana, HannahBoo, HannahBee, and finally, HannahBeebo. Bizarre, huh? She nixed HannahBanana a long time ago – absolutely hating it! Of course, in customary fashion for me – I drop her name and just call her Beebo quite often.

This is her at about 3, I think. (She’s 10 going on 20 now!) She is a cutie pie huh?

My youngest daughter is Emma. She was dubbed Luby by our babysitter when she was just a few months old and well, it just sort of stuck. I call her EmmaLuby quite often, more often just Luby – and sometimes, LubyDoobie. :P hehehe Sometimes when she is mad and being ornery, I can call her EmmaKat, short for her middle name Kathryn and she perks right up.

Here she is at about 2 years old. She’s my 8 year old jokester nowadays. Yeah, she is a cutie-patootie too, huh?

And then…. there are the dogs. Oh my gosh… the list is endless for them!

We have an eleven year old Jack Russell Terrier named Sydney. She’s been called just about everything under the sun after ALL this time! Such as: DorkDog, PoogieButt (that one is surely self-explanatory, if you’ve ever had a dog!), DragonBreath, SydSquid, and most often, Squidney (which cracks me up when I actually THINK about it because she looks nothing like that squid I had to dissect in my sophomore Comparative Anatomy class in college that I named Lucy – which was actually right before the skinny cat I called Muffy that we also had to dissect. *shiver* That is when I decided I don’t ever want an autopsy if I die of accidental means because I sure don’t want anyone seeing that LAYER of fat around my heart… because if skinny-little Muffy could have an INCH THICK LAYER of FAT around her teensy weensy heart… well…. someone shaped sorta like an apple like me must surely have a THICK LAYER of fat, right? And I sure as heck don’t want anyone seeing THAT! But, wait… I digress… I wasn’t talking about me, was I?)

And then, my precious girl Lillie. She is definitely MY girl. She’s my full-time shadow, never letting me out of her line of sight. She came into my life at a time when I really was struggling with some other things and quickly became my baby. I call her BabyGirl, BigNose, NoseyRosie, SillyLillie, and most often, Lillikins.

The cat… Shadow: Another aged member of the family! He is nearing 15 years old now and I swear I think he has found the Fountain of Youth! He looks just the same as the day we brought him home in 1995 – as a 2 year old homeless stray. He has been a very good cat, that’s for sure! I call him Shadow mostly – because not much rhymes with Shadow, evidently! lol I do call him the Old Man, Buddy, and Purple-LovingFreak because if he is IN the house, he is in Beebo’s purple bedroom! He LOVES that room… it’s gotta be the purple walls!

I haven’t intentionally left out my darling Man of the House or my sweet BFF – they are not safe from my Name Game either, but I’ll save that for another day!

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