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Posted by on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

All the Christmas decorations are put up for another year. The house is back to normal once again.  Today we ate a hearty meal of pork roast, cabbage and black eyed peas (blecht!).

December always rushes in, on the heels of Thanksgiving, so full of anticipation and excitement as the promise of family time approaches and it goes by ever so quickly.

January arrives and with it, comes reality. The reality that another long winter is to be survived before we will see days filled with sunshine and warmth. As you already know, I do NOT like winter.

At all.

Those heavy grey days make me so sad and weary.

But ……………

I can not complain much. When I look ahead – I realize that in just 14 short days, I will once again be traveling to Guatemala on a mission trip.

Guatemala, the land of many colors and LOTS of beautiful sunshine.

The place where last year I learned just how blessed I am to have a roof over my head, food on our table, and a bed to sleep in each night. My children have two parents in their home – a rarity for the Guatemalan children that I met. And my children have the privilege of attending school instead of working for mere dollars a day in order to eat. We have shoes on our feet and probably most importantly of all, we have our health.

Once again, I look forward to the challenge ahead of me and I praise God for allowing me to opportunity to once again serve others.

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  1. Shannonon 02 Jan 2012 at 8:05 am 1

    I can’t wait to see what adventures you have this year on your trip. So proud of you sweet friend for going where God has called you- even when it’s hard! LOVE you much!

  2. Jenon 02 Jan 2012 at 5:23 pm 2

    I am proud of you too! What a blessing for the Guatemalan people that you are going for a visit. :)
    I hope you see your friend, Jesus! Take another picture to share!
    <3 Happy New Year!

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