Madrina, part 2

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Santos and his teacher

So after huffing and puffing up the hill to the home Santos lives in with his family, as I wrote about last week (or the week before!) – we finally arrived. Whew, not a moment too soon, lemme tell ya. I didn’t think I’d make it much further.

In the small home, there were two rooms. The room we entered has a table and two chairs, a piece of furniture that looked sort of like an “armoire” which they likely used as a closet and a HUGE loom that Santos’ father uses for his work. He is employed as a weaver which earns him about $30 a month. This is the income that supports his family of 10… the dad, mom, and seven boys. And the grandfather that lives with them. Can you imagine?

Loom inside of Santos’ home and his grandfather

That is Santos’ grandfather standing in the window, and part of Santos down in the right corner – but it gives you an idea how stinkin’ MASSIVE that loom is – taking up 2/3 of the room. Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder about the poor souls that carried those massive pieces UP that hill to get it inside the home – it had to arrive in pieces and be built on site.

Anyway, Santos’ dad, whose name is Margarito, did most of the talking, while his mom, Amalia nodded and smiled at me a lot. You have to remember – they only speak in their native tongue of Katchiquel, a Mayan language. So Margarito spoke, the teacher translated into Spanish and Jenny, from Mayan Families Organization translated from Spanish into English for me.

He said, (and I paraphrase because I can’t remember the exact words now) “We are honored to have you in our home and want you to know how much we appreciate what you are doing for Santos. To give him the opportunity to go to school and better his future is something we couldn’t do without your help. We feel sure that God will bless you many times over for your generosity.”

It was very sweet and made tears come to my eyes as I listened to the translation.

He went on to say that they would be honored to have a photograph of me to hang on their wall – to remember me by. I looked around when I heard this, noticing a clock, a calendar, and a picture of Jesus on the other wall. And they want to put ME up there??? Whew, that’s a little pressure!

Three of their sons were still at school so they aren’t all in the photo – but aren’t they a cute family? After I took this one, I handed my camera to Jenny’s husband and he took one of me with the family – sadly, Margarito’s eyes are closed in it.

(I have no idea why the color is so off in this photo!)

Before we left, Margarito had Santos deliver a gift to each of us, telling us that it was something for us to remember them by and a sign of their gratitude. It was most unnecessary – which of course, made it all the more meaningful.

We were each given a small woven bag, perfect for cosmetics or something, and inside was a woven bracelet. I love it and smile each time I see it in my purse – thinking of what a precious family they are!

The second room of the house had two full size beds in it and a basket hanging above one of the beds that the baby sleeps in….  nine people in two beds. Amazing huh?

This is one bed and the basket above it. I really liked seeing that life jacket over in the corner of the bed – since this is a lakeside village… I’m glad to know the boys are protected when they get in the water.

Such a wonderful visit to their home! I’m so thankful to Mayan Families for making it happen!

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  1. Vonnieon 27 Feb 2012 at 5:39 pm 1

    Oh Dory what a gift you were given to have met the family! We sponsor a little boy in the Dominican Republic. I am quite sure that I will not meet Fraily until heaven…but it will be worth the wait! Thank you for sharing your story. It looks like a lovely country and such sweet people.

  2. Shannonon 27 Feb 2012 at 8:01 pm 2

    I so love that you were able to meet them. They are precious and so are you!

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