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Posted by on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I was thinking and reviewing 2010 in my mind the other day, trying to remember all the things we did. Well, you know how pitiful my memory can be…. so I had to look back through all the pictures on my computer to remember it all!

January 2010:


*New Year’s Eve with Lena

*My mom’s birthday

*Snow, snow, snow

*Back yard sledding

*Harlem globetrotters  *Niece’s 1st birthday

*Loved “Under the Dome” by Stephen King

*Began Shoot 360

*Made snow angels

*Started allergy shots

February 2010:


*My 44th birthday

*Big box of  cupcakes and gifts from Shannon

*Mr. Lucky’s birthday

*Lena coming to visit

*Handmade gifts at Valentine’s

*44 Life Lessons

*Cried on the day that would have been Daddy’s 72nd birthday

*17 days in a row of gray skies

March 2010:

Luby in Aladdin

*Chaperoned Beta Convention

*Luby performs in Aladdin

*Wholesale Market in Gatlinburg with Lena

*Mr. Lucky loses a molar

*My MIL’s birthday

*Surprise trip to Texas for Shannon’s birthday

*Helped Shannon do 40 Random Acts of Kindness

*Toes in the sand in Galveston

April 2010:

Mr Lucky

*Flowers in bloom

*Chaperoned Jr. Art Club Convention

*Painted the den (aka conversation room)

*Lillie’s birthday

May 2010:

graduation w family

*Mr. Lucky graduated from Regis University with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy

*Trip to Denver so Mr. Lucky could do the whole cap/gown thing

*Girls first flight ever!

*Visited the Stanley Hotel

*Mother’s Day in Denver

*Coors Brewery tour

June 2010:


*Painted Beebo’s bedroom

*My lifelong friend Angie and her husband died in a tragic accident

*After that, time passed without noticing for a while

July 2010:

sweet girls

*Family Reunion

*Beebo’s 13th birthday

*Shannon and Madison came for a week

*Lena came to help

*FINALLY – finished painting in the kitchen – cabinet doors!!

*Shaving cream fun in the driveway

*Mustache mamas

August 2010:

country club

*School started back

*Went to a Beth Moore Conference with Lena

*Went to a dental hygiene conference in Orlando with my co-worker Carla

September 2010:

me and mr lucky

*Lena got MARRIED!!

*Our 16th anniversary

*2nd anniversary of my dad’s death

*Read the book, “Wrapped in Rain” TWICE – back to back

*Took the girls to a Minor League baseball game

*Went to see Emeril Lagasse and several of the Top Chef winners

*Took the girls to their 1st ever “80s” costume party

October 2010:


*Fall break at the beach

*Took the girls to an orchard for pumpkins and apples

*Played like a kid on the giant slide at the orchard!

*Carved pumpkins


November 2010:

ziplining e

*Went to the wholesale jewelry market with Lena in Gatlinburg

*Chaperoned 5th grade field trip to Science Center

*Mr. Lucky took the girls zip-lining (I watched)

*Crocheted and crocheted

*Suffered through the ovary cyst from hell

*Thanksgiving with both of our families

December 2010:

truck e

*Luby’s 11th birthday

*Crocheted more – learned how to make a beanie hat

*Bought Mr. Lucky a truck!!

*Had a brother-in-law graduate from Seminary School

*Suffered through strept throat – twice

*Christmas with lots of family!

That’s basically all I can remember – 2010 in a nutshell.

I think I can honestly say that my favorite memory of the year was from the night we bought stick-on mustaches from a little kids bubble gum machine in the front of KMart. Shannon, Madison and my girls and I all laughed til I literally thought I was going to wet my britches. It was so stinkin funny! We all walked in to Mr. Lucky’s clinic with these hysterical mustaches on our faces and trying desperately to maintain a nonchalant expression – waiting to see if he’d notice them. bwaaahaaahaaaa   As if he wasn’t going to notice his wife suddenly had facial hair!!

mustache mamas

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4 Dorito Bits to “Year in Review”

  1. Shannonon 05 Jan 2011 at 6:16 am 1

    That was definitely, hands-down the FUNNNIEST night of 2010! Such great memories! Those pics especially make me laugh since we were all standing in the clinic bathroom to take them! Can’t to see what great memories 2011 brings!

  2. Chrison 05 Jan 2011 at 9:29 am 2

    That is a year well lived.

  3. Beeboon 05 Jan 2011 at 5:26 pm 3

    Wonderful memories! Hopefully we could go zip-lining again to add a new memory… ;)

  4. Stacyon 05 Jan 2011 at 6:36 pm 4

    Thanks for summing it up. Sounds like a great year! Hope that this year is even more blessed.

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